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Mollars ICO & What You Need to Know About Ethereum Blockchain’s New Bitcoin

The official Initial Coin Offering [ICO] for the Ethereum blockchain token “Mollars” launched on Monday, November 21st. The token price starts at $0.30 in the first phase.

Mollars is a hybrid cryptocurrency that will be an alternative to Bitcoin as it’s a store of value tokens.  There will be a difference, however, as it’s starting a decade after BTC was first introduced to the world.

What are Store of Value Tokens and Coins?

Like Bitcoin, Mollars aims to be a store of value that’s in high demand, and the founder will not hold tokens privately. Possibly as high as 99.5% of today’s cryptocurrency founders have a personal stash of tokens that was likely introduced to investors through the ‘fine print’ in the crypto brand’s whitepaper.

In Mollars whitepapers, it’s clearly stated that no party involved in the development of this token will be given tokens. A complete 100% of the tokens generated by the founder and developer team will be put onto the crypto market and exchanges.

Another attribute that makes Mollars a store of value, like Bitcoin, is that it will be fully decentralized.

The founder will not own the brand. The creator of the token created infrastructure and formulas to give the token longevity, but the enigmatic figure will have no control over the token once it has been released on top crypto exchanges.

Mollars ICO and Potential Exchange Listings

The first exchange that Mollars will be listed on is Uniswap, the world’s #1 decentralized crypto exchange. If the ICO reaches its goal of US$ 2 million dollars, it will have a listing day price of US$0.62.

The 62-cent listing would mean today’s first-round ICO investors would get ROI Yields of over +200%.

The price of the listing day could be weaker if the US$2,000,000 milestone is not met with the Initial Coin Offering fundraising.

With 15,661 tokens sold since its debut on November 21st,  the Mollars ICO listing is averaging a daily buy rate of just over 2,610 tokens.  At this rate, it would take the Initial Coin offering a substantial amount of time to complete. However, the ‘buzz’ is building, and that daily buy rate is expected to increase.

Another reason users might begin buying more is the crypto token’s founder’s recent release of the white paper and mission statement. One of those statements includes a ‘catalyst’ to expand the Mollars brand via product.

Bitcoin Had a 10-Year Head Start… So Here’s The Catalyst

The new ERC-20 token will be a necessity for those who wish to use Mollars developers’ coming mystery web3 product. This decentralized app [dApp] will launch in early 2024 at the same time as the hybrid tokens launch on its first major crypto exchange.

What exactly is the dApp Mollars will launch? It’s not yet clarified but the web3 ‘goody’ is being believed to target P2E gamers and metaverse enthusiasts of the Ethereum blockchain world.

Mollars ICO in 2024

These claims by the new ERC-20 token’s developers have left some analysts to believe today’s first round ICO investors could generate more than just the typical listing day gains.

As the Mollars token is being offered at US$ 0.30 cents today, it will list on a major crypto exchange in second quarter of 2024.

Many new tokens see gains when listed on new cryptocurrency exchanges, but having an actual product could lift the token.

ICO & Tokenomics

Specifics for the ICO launch and post-listing plans have been made clear based on the fundraising goal being met successfully. A total of 4,500,000 tokens will be sold. Mollars initial coin offering will have 4 funding rounds.  The price of the token pre-exchange will increase with each round incrementally.

First-round investors will have the best opportunity to buy Mollars tokens at the previously mentioned rate of US$0.30. After a modest 200,000 tokens have been sold, the second round will begin.

The ICO price for second-round token investors will be US$0.40, which is a substantial increase. A maximum of 300,000 tokens will be sold in this second stage before the price is bumped upward again in the third round.

As popularity grows, the supply available in the ICO’s third round will more than double to 700,000 $MOLLARS tokens. By this third round, Mollars will have the first details and possibly a preview of their web3 product.

In the fourth round of the ICO, investors will have to pay half a dollar to buy tokens early.

In the 2 rounds following the fourth, the token presale will increase by US$0.05 each round. Specifically, 5th-round investors will have to pay US$0.55 per token, and 6th-rounders will have to buy tokens at a rate of US$0.60 each.

The total token supply that will be sold in the Mollars presale totals 4,000,000 crypto coins.

After the ICO presale is completed, the $MOLLARS coin will appear on a top crypto exchange quickly — according to public plans.

Learn more about the ICO and this new hybrid token at their official website —

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