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MicroStrategy Send Plea to Bitcoin Lightning Engineers to Work on the SaaS Project

A wide range of companies have entered the crypto-verse. While some feel discouraged in the middle, most have increased their involvement. MicroStrategy has become a significant Bitcoin vulnerability due to its former CEO, Michael Saylor. The company was prepared to hire more people to work towards the same, again demonstrating its preference for the sector.

MicroStrategy Is in Need of an Engineer

According to a recent job posting, the company was seeking a Software engineer for its Lightning Network-based solutions. The job description states:

“Our casual and flexible workplace encourages creativity and cooperation, so you’ll have the opportunity to originate and contribute to hard initiatives, while pursuing your interests and developing, both professionally and personally.  Bring us your enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and innovative ideas to take part in technology innovation at its best,”  

MicroStrategy wants to hire someone who can create technological solutions using the Lightning Network and Bitcoin. Decentralized finance, often known as DeFi, also launched on the page.

It is important to note that MicroStrategy has been actively pursuing Bitcoin. The company disclosed earlier this month that it was developing strategies to draw numerous people into the Lightning Network.

An Ex-CEO supported the project

The Lightning Network for Bitcoin, according to Saylor, who left his position as CEO this year, is “the most important thing going on in the world of technology.” The company wants to deliver Lightning wallets to 10 million clients instantly.

The organization’s most recent innovation appears to align with its desire to construct the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Bitcoin Had Slumped to $18k

But early today, the coin had a comeback. The king coin increased to $19,489.96 as of publication. The price change over the last 24 hours remained optimistic at 0.30 percent.

Several people speculated that Bitcoin might drop back to $18K, while others predicted it could rise above $20K.

Bitcoin’s Future and MicroStrategy

In terms of the value of its Bitcoin assets, MicroStrategy is currently suffering severe losses. The enterprise’s executives have emphasized that, despite the present adverse market turmoil, they remain steadfast in their belief that adopting Bitcoin is wise.

The decision to provide a more immediate value-added service to the larger crypto community will increase MicroStrategy’s significance as an organization that has access to Bitcoin and actively participates in its development.

The action taken by MicroStrategy might serve as a model for other companies, which would spur frontline involvement among institutional entities with vested interests in the crypto world.

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