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Fortress Blockchain Technology Teams up With Google Cloud for NFT Data Solution

The rise of digital art has seen companies prioritize the security of their tokenized collectibles. Accordingly, the duo of Fortress Blockchain and Google Cloud have partnered to bring secured and scalable cloud infrastructures to non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Google Cloud and Fortress Blockchain To Provide Database Infrastructures for NFT

The new partnership will pave the way for developing a cloud-based system for NFT to provide secure, scalable, and sustainable data solutions.

With the rapid pace of digitalization, where users can replicate most things in a digital format, firms are taking the initiative to embrace storing essential documents for future reference. Companies can encrypt, store, reference, and track their digital assets. 

The established right and proof of authenticity ensure that no digitally stored documents can be tampered with or exposed to human errors or mistaken identity.

Fortress Blockchain provides enterprises across various industries with the technology to protect their tokenized intellectual property (IP) and assets. The firm stores the contents using blockchain-enabled protocols to ensure privacy, accessibility, and portability.

Moreover, Fortress Vault, the platform for storing NFTs, is an innovative non-public protocol for accessing companies’ content via NFT.

Non-fungible tokens are not limited to JPEGs; NFTs allow access to unique data through distributed ledger technology (DLT). This will provide the means for holders to verify the authenticity and ownership of an asset, says Kevin Lehtiniitty, the CTO of Fortress.

Hosting the Vault among Google Cloud infrastructures will lay the foundation for the top global brands and government organizations to develop more innovative products using blockchain technology.

Commenting on the deal, Carlos Arena, head of digital assets at Google Cloud, noted that the partnership would create a scalable and secure cloud outlet to make the new Vault platform successful.

Using Vault To Remove Blockchain Barriers

Before its launch of Vault, Fortress had already begun working on eliminating barriers to accessing blockchain technology. 

The company introduced streamlined APIs that empower enterprises at any stage of their Web3 adoption before launch and upgrade with embedded NFT wallets. 

In addition, platforms can mint NFT and incorporate critical digital financial services powered by Fortress Trust, a secured and regulated financial entity. Fortress Trust manages the new Vault, which oversees its privacy and adherence guidelines.

Introducing Fortress Blockchain Technology

Fortress Blockchain Technology is an enterprise-focused firm designed to expand financial, compliance, and 

technology systems for the growing Web3 ecosystem. Its services include building embedded NFT and cryptocurrency wallets, a token minting protocol, an encrypted vault for private financial services providers, and custody and liquidity services.

The fortress is one of the leading solutions providers for companies venturing into the Web3 space.

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