Floki unveils plans for digital banking, debit card, crypto university

Floki’s roadmap reveals plans for launching digital banking accounts that can be topped up with FLOKI tokens.

The accounts aim to allow transactions in major currencies such as dollars, euros, and sterling. Floki will introduce debit cards and staking services as a critical component of its expansion, marking its transition from a meme coin to a comprehensive cryptocurrency financial solutions provider. 

Digital banking accounts will facilitate the creation and linking of debit cards, ensuring seamless integration with global payment systems like the SWIFT network and SEPA IBANs for worldwide money transfers and transactions.

According to the meme coin’s agenda published today, the debit cards will be compatible with major payment networks, including Visa and Mastercard, through a partnership with a Swiss company under the regulatory oversight of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Floki’s roadmap also highlights the launch of the University of Floki, a crypto education platform. The platform will be launched in the current phase and offer asynchronous courses on various cryptocurrency topics, initially available for free, aiming to educate users about the crypto ecosystem.

Floki’s exclusive trading bot and Floki-powered bank accounts are planned for phase two of its roadmap. Integrating with platforms like Telegram and Discord, the bot will enable users to trade cryptocurrencies across leading blockchains using the meme coin. Notably, half of the fees generated by this trading bot will be allocated to purchasing and burning FLOKI tokens, thereby increasing their scarcity and value.

FLOKI has been among the highest-gaining meme coins in the current bull market, rallying more than 600% over the past month.

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