Floki and TokenFi form partnership with legendary Cricket teams

In a Nov. 20 press release shared with, Floki and TokenFi, the two sister tokens, announced their new marketing collaboration with two renowned cricket teams, the Manipal Tigers and the Bhilwara Kings.

The effort aims to introduce the two tokens to an audience of over 700 million cricket enthusiasts around the world.

A leading sponsor

As part of the marketing initiative, Floki will be both a back-of-shirt and leading upper-arm sponsor for the Manipal Tigers, while TokenFi, the tokenization platform from Floki, will take on the same role for the Bhilwara Kings. 

The partnership will also give Floki and TokenFi a number of other marketing rights, including social media promotions, exclusive signed merchandise opportunities and coverage at the upcoming Legends League Cricket event scheduled in India from Nov. 18 to Dec. 9.

The sister tokens will also be seen across opposing teams when the Bhilwara Kings take on the Manipal Tigers on Nov. 24 in what is said to be the first of its kind “clash of the tokens” style event.

A battle against manipulation concerns

The strategic partnership comes just a few weeks after a controversy was posted on the Bitget website, in which the exchange disclosed the delisting of TokenFi, citing concerns related to manipulation. Floki responded to the allegations on X, asserting that the delisting occurred due to a violation of the requirement for CEXs to be listed within seven days after launch. 

That said, despite the allegations, Floki and TokenFi continue to take steps forward in raising awareness and, as a result, have made recent headlines when it comes to positive price rallies.

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