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Ethereum, Solana, KangaMoon emerge as key players to consider

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As 2024 sees crypto investors diversifying into altcoins for potential gains, Ethereum and Solana maintain their growth trajectories, while KangaMoon emerges as a promising meme coin contender with significant community engagement and presale momentum.

In 2024, it has been found that most buyers are looking at diversifying their portfolios by investing in the top-performing altcoins with the view of capitalizing on the growth potential of the dynamic crypto market. Solana (SOL) coin and Ethereum (ETH) tokens are two of such cryptocurrencies gaining investors’ interest lately. 

Ethereum token particularly stands out as a leading altcoin with a strong potential to surpass its ATH of $4,878 in 2023. Meanwhile, KangaMoon (KANG) has become one of the most attractive options, especially in the meme coin market, thanks to its growing community of 20,000 registered members and over 5,800 KANG holders.  

Solana keeps up record as one of the progressive altcoins 

After already securing a year-long rise of over 812%, Solana is refusing to take on any major decline as the token has been pricing in a bullish position for the past three months now. There is no doubt that Solana is growing impressively, having risen by over 45% in the past month. 

Despite a slight 1.11% drop below its support threshold of $192 this past week, Solana is still holding strongly within a weekly price range of $181.72 and $203.10. Touching and consolidating above the $200 price mark is a huge milestone for Solana as it positions the token for further rise above resistance.

KangaMoon emerges as a leading memecoin

KangaMoon represents a next-generation project that utilizes SocialFi, GameFi, and blockchain technologies, providing more than simple financial motivation. Its meme-based ecosystem is focused on games and includes different battle activities and competitions, through which users can earn rewards and meme-based assets. 

Kangaverse (KangaMoon’s battle-themed platform) stands out with its unique approach as players not only earn rewards by predicting combat victors but also get opportunities to shape the landscape by making leaderboards, joining alliances, unlocking special content, and acquiring top-tier NFTs. Right now, the platform already houses almost 5,800 KANG holders and 20,000 registrants.

Just as Q1 finally comes to a close, the KANG token is projected to hit $1 by the end of Q2, signifying now as the perfect time to get ahead of the curve and be part of the KangaMoon presale. KangaMoon has just completed its current stage 4 presale and has raised over $3.9M shaking up the meme coin space as it enters stage 5. 

Engaging its audience at a very early stage, KangaMoon utilizes social media engagement and community initiatives to not only cultivate community participation but to reward them. With early buyers already making over 291% ROI, the token is poised to rack up higher profits before the end of its presale, making a huge milestone in the DeFi market.

Ethereum is poised to surpass its ATH this year

Standing as the most influential altcoin in the crypto market, Ethereum holds enough potential for a major price increase especially as Bitcoin’s halving event is due in a few weeks time. Notably, the native Ethereum token has been on a positive momentum throughout the year, however, it has only managed to rise a little above 2% in the past month. 

It is evident that Ethereum has been struggling this past week as it battles with declines below its support. Losing by nearly 6% this past week, Ethereum is now holding in a weekly price range of $3,647 and $3,439 but still holds the potential of surpassing its ATH sometime this year.

To learn more, visit the Kangamoon website or join their telegram community.

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