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Defi platforms Aerodrome and Velodrome hit by front-end cyberattacks

Defi platforms Aerodrome and Velodrome suffer a front-end attack, with an estimated $40,000 compromised. 

Two prominent defi platforms, Aerodrome and Velodrome, have experienced security breaches in their front-end systems. The incidents occurred on Nov. 28, as disclosed by the platforms.

Both Aerodrome and Velodrome alerted their users through X, advising them to cease all interactions with their services due to these security concerns. They have initiated thorough investigations into the breaches. Velodrome has further asked users not to use the web link attached to their social media bio. 

ZachXBT, an analyst and popular figure in the crypto community, highlighted that an estimated $40,000 in digital assets are being transferred from the compromised platforms. These assets are linked to two distinct digital wallet addresses.

As per the latest data from DefiLlama, Aerodrome holds a total value of $62.68 million, while Velodrome’s total value stands at $136.76 million. Notably, Velodrome is recognized as the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Optimism network. Meanwhile, Aerodrome, which operates as a fork of the Velodrome protocol, has established itself as the leading DEX on the Base network.

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