Charles Hoskinson Invites Sam Altman to Do a Cardano (ADA) Partnerchain


  • Change at OpenAI’s Helm: Sam Altman was removed as CEO of OpenAI for communication issues, with Mira Murati reportedly taking his place.
  • Hoskinson’s Proposal and Altman’s Shift: Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, offered a partnership with Altman for a decentralized project, but Altman moved to Microsoft to lead an advanced AI research team.
  • Hoskinson’s Collaborative Ventures: This incident reflects Hoskinson’s ongoing interest in collaborative projects, similar to his previous proposal to Kraken for a layer-2 blockchain network.

A Possible Collaboration or Just a Joke?

One of the trendiest news in the cryptocurrency space lately is the removal of Sam Altman from his CEO post at OpenAI. As CryptoPotato recently reported, the board of directors fired the 38-year-old American because he was not “consistently candid in his communications.” His post was supposedly taken by the firm’s chief technology officer – Mira Murati.

The announcement triggered a wave of X (Twitter) posts as people rushed to lay out their comments on Altman’s discharge. One person who chipped in with a rather interesting idea was Charles Hoskinson – founder of Cardano. 

He offered Altman the chance to work together and introduce a decentralized Large Language Model (LLM). “Would be a fun Cardano Partnerchain,” he added.

His interaction was likely a joke due to what happened in the next couple of days. Recall that Satya Nadella – the CEO of Microsoft – announced that the former CEO of OpenAI will join the tech behemoth “to lead a new advanced AI research team.”

Hoskinson’s Previous Offer

This is not the first time Cardano’s founder has proposed a similar collaboration. A week ago, he urged the crypto exchange Kraken to join forces with his entity in its efforts to introduce a layer-2 blockchain network. 

One such marketplace that has already rolled out that type of feature is Coinbase. Its L2 blockchain solution Base enables developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) with access to the platform’s verified users and assets. 

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