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Bitcoin (BTC) May Reach $265,000, Ripple (XRP) to Climb to $27, Everlodge (ELDG) to Enter $280T Market

Notable crypto analyst CryptoRUs posted a video where he went over how the Bitcoin (BTC) crypto can surge in value by 600%. EGRAG, another major name in the industry, noted how Ripple (XRP) can surge up to $27. While both of these cryptos are bullish, enthusiasts are also eyeing Everlodge (EDLG) as it can disrupt the $280 trillion dollar market.


  • Bitcoin to climb as high as $265,000 based on CryptoRUs analysis.
  • Ripple to climb to $27, according to crypto analyst EGRAG.
  • Everlodge will enter the $280 trillion real estate market.


Bitcoin (BTC) to Experience a Price Upswing of 600%

Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiasts have showcased an immense level of excitement surrounding the upcoming Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), and this is evident based on the bold forecast by prominent crypto analyst CryptoRUs. He’s a well-known figure in the community with over 672,000 subscribers on YouTube.

During the past week, the Bitcoin crypto climbed up in value from $35,266.34 to $37,903.66 and sparked a lot of optimism within the broader industry. The Bitcoin trading volume spiked 30% following this news. The monthly increase for the crypto was 25.2%, and the yearly increase is at 123.5%.

Through the latest video upload, the analyst noted how even a minor influx of funds into Bitcoin, which is spurred by developments such as an ETF adoption or growing market interest, can impact the price significantly. The projection suggests a potential 600% surge in the value of Bitcoin, driving its price to $265,000.

Ripple (XRP) Projected to Rise by 4,240%

Ripple (XRP) can also experience a price upswing to $27, according to EGRAG, a prominent market analyst. In a recent analysis, he introduced two contrasting scenarios. On the bearish side, EGRAG warns on X, formerly Twitter, that Ripple is preaching on the edge of the Fibonacci level of 0.5.

This means that at the time of the analysis, the territory is retesting the $0.60 level. If November concludes below this critical level, accompanied by bearish candle formation, Ripple could face a drift into the yellow triangle territory. The bullish outlook presents a different scenario altogether.

If Ripple manages to secure this month’s close above the $0.6069 level and jumps to $0.61 or above, it could mark the first bullish monthly candle close. This can initiate a Ripple crypto uptrend, after which XRP could reach the $27 price range. To reach this value, XRP needs to rally by 4,240% from its current value, and data from EGRAG confirms that it must conquer numerous resistance points prior to climbing.

Everlodge (ELDG) to Enter the $280 Trillion Dollar Real Estate Market

Aside from Bitcoin and Ripple, another crypto that experts believe to have potential is Everlodge. The global real estate market is now worth $280 trillion, and as a result, enthusiasts globally are attempting to enter this market.

Yet, it has been historically difficult, as most properties cost millions of dollars. Through Everlodge, all of this will change as the platform digitizes and then mints properties as NFTs. By doing so, it can split a property worth $5,000,000, for example, into 50,000 pieces worth $100 each. This way, anyone can diversify.

Users control their own assets and control their own private keys. They can trade these NFTs on secondary marketplaces or any third-party ERC-20 compatible ones.

As the property increases in value, the NFT will rise as well. If the property is rented, they can get passive income.

ELDG is the native crypto used for governance, and anyone can get additional capital by engaging in the process of staking the crypto. Currently, the project is at Stage 7 of its presale, and the crypto is offered at $0.025.

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