Avalanche and Solana show strength; NuggetRush trending in presale

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Avalanche (AVAX), Solana (SOL), and NuggetRush (NUGX) will initiate key developments in February 2024. For this reason, investors are looking at Avalanche and Solana as NuggetRush prepares to list on mainstream exchanges.

Avalanche aims to unlock potential

In the coming weeks, Avalanche will unlock AVAX, possibly negatively impacting prices.

Despite this, AVAX has been firm, trending higher in recent weeks.

Analysts say the coin can reach $42.15 in February.

Solana recovers

Solana recently had a network outage, falling before recovering above $100.

Analysts are hopeful, expecting more gains, mainly because of high on-chain activity from Jupiter–a decentralized exchange.

Defi protocols on Solana now have a combined total value locked (TVL) of over $1.74 billion. 

As of Feb. 10, Solana was trading at $110.27, up 10.55% in the past week. Experts predict that SOL will rise to $118.17 in February due to network developments and increased demand.

NuggetRush merges mining adventures with P2E gaming 

NuggetRush is a play-to-earn platform that combines mining adventures with NFT gaming to offer valuable rewards and gold nuggets. 

It features an Ethereum-based mining expedition where players set up mining rigs and strategically select the best mining equipment to increase their chances of earning rewards. 

After mining, players can trade their assets for better equipment or game funds to survive. 

NuggetRush supports its community in its development process. 

In round 5 of the presale, NUGX is available for $0.018, selling over 175.8 million NUGX, helping the project raise over $2.1 million. 

After mainstream listing, NuggetRush aims to reach a $100 million market cap.

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